Automating your software

Say goodbye to repetitive actions that occur daily, weekly or monthly. We are best known for our automation skills. We map out your process in a clear way and automate the steps that save you the most time and money. We connect any type of system using low-code tools or by writing custom code. All to get the job done as efficiently as possible.


What is automation?

During your work, you encounter many manual time-consuming tasks. These can range from creating documents to entering data into a system. Automating processes therefore means that we take a close look at those manual tasks and set up an 'online robot' to do them automatically.

How can automation help you?


Save time

By automating these manual tasks, you save a lot of time and can focus on the processes that are really important and give you energy.


Prevent errors

Making mistakes is human and occurs quite often during administrative tasks. Prevent these errors by letting a machine do it!


Customer stories

These customers have already gone before you!


For Felyx, we automated the process of importing scooters. This has already saved them more than a full-time month of energy-consuming, error-prone hours.



The onboarding of a new colleague is a considerable administrative process, which takes a lot of time. For Institute for real Growth, we mapped out the onboarding process, made it lean, and then introduced automatic document generation and communication with new employees. This resulted in several extra hours per week of free time.



Pellis, a construction company, spent a lot of time drawing up detailed project plans with tasks, deadlines and responsibilities. We have put this process on the Cloud and fully automated it. This saves them a lot of valuable hours on project planning.


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Frequently asked questions about Automation

We can work with almost all systems. The link between systems is also no problem. Some examples of systems that we have already worked with extensively are Carerix, Teamleader, Twinfield, Simplicate, WeFact, SuccessFactors, Office 365/PowerStacks

The amount of time automation will save you depends entirely on the process. Of course, we will work together to find a project that will save you a lot of time and/or money.

Yes! But do you want to? No! We only automate what really makes a difference, so that you have more time for the things you want to consciously focus on. 

Everything can be automated. Think especially of frequently occurring tasks such as creating and transferring documents, linking multiple systems, typing over details and adjusting/importing information.

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