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An Overview

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The Challenge

In the past year, Felyx has imported thousands of scooters from Germany to the Netherlands. Importing scooters is an administratively intensive process. Part of the import procedure is filling out an online form on the RDW website. For each scooter, you have to fill in more than 50 fields and upload 10 photos. In addition, it is often not possible to copy and paste data. This manual process takes a lot of time and is prone to errors.

Felyx asked us to automate this process for them.

Our role and objectives

We have written code that automatically enters scooter data into the RDW form. Felyx supplies the data and the photos. We perform some data quality checks on the data and the photos to increase the percentage of correctly registered scooters.

Then our code runs and each scooter is automatically registered in the Netherlands via the form.

The Result

A time-consuming, error-prone, manual and non-challenging process has been transformed into an automated process. This saves Felyx a lot of time and personnel costs.

Curious to learn more about Felyx? Take a look at their website!

The Process

The process from A-Z!


Data preparation

Felyx collects data and photos of the scooters and shares them with us.


Data check

Our code validates whether the data elements are complete. In addition, it is analyzed whether all photos are present and whether they meet the requirements, such as a maximum size.


Executing the code

The code fills in the form on the RDW website for each scooter. It is registered which scooters successfully and unsuccessfully pass the form. Via a report we link the outcome of a batch with scooters back.

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