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An Overview

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The Challenge

KPN was looking for a tool to literally 'measure the temperature' of some of the most important themes within their organization.

Their challenge: how can we measure this and return results in a structured but fun way?

Our role and objectives

KPN had a number of conditions and objectives with which we started working. Firstly, we were asked to create a tool that is easy to use for managers. Managers can request a “measurement” for their team and deterimine how long their team has time to share their experience and feeling on specific themes.

Then the second step was that after the application, managers were sent a typing form that they could share with their team. In this type form, the team can then choose how they rate specific themes on a scale of 1 to 10. After the time determined by the administrator has passed, the results are automatically sent to the administrator (and possibly others).

The Result

KPN now has a better grip on how the team views certain themes and can choose where to invest in future sessions.

Curious to learn more about KPN? Take a look at their website!

The Process

The process from A-Z!


Mapping customer needs

To develop a suitable solution, we had to map what the customer wanted to measure


Develop automated tool

Based on the customer's needs, we created an automated reporting tool that provided immediate feedback.



Based on the insights from the automated tool, the first steps were taken for senior management in the departments to reflect on the most important themes.

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