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An Overview

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The Challenge

Frisse Blikken is a company with more than 100 employees and many different projects. As they continue to grow, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manually match all employees to prospects.

Their challenge: can you create a tool to automatically match employees with our prospects?

Our role and objectives

With this tool, the availability of your team is linked to your sales system to automatically match prospects with employees. With one click of a button, you get a clear overview of who can fulfill which prospect. To achieve this, we have extracted and collected all data from prospects and employees in a database.

We have sorted them and linked them together. After approval, it sends calendar invitations to the employee's calendar.

The Result

Frisse Blikken now saves at least 1 hour per week on sourcing its employees and has almost completely eliminated manual errors. This makes resource planning easier, faster and without errors!

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The Process

The process from A-Z!


Mapping information

First of all, we had to map and bundle all information and patterns well


Programming rules

When is what shared, is someone available and is something a match? We have converted these rules into code


Automated sourcing

The puzzling is now done automatically. From there you can still fine-tune yourself and save hours per week

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