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An Overview

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The Challenge

Pellis, a leading construction company, faced a major challenge: creating detailed project schedules with tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities, including weekly and multi-year schedules. Unfortunately, using separate Excel files without a link caused problems.

Changes had to be manually updated in 3 different places, which led to errors and inefficiency.

Our Role and Objectives

To address this challenge, we at Autogrowth moved all schedules to an online environment, allowing team members to view and edit schedules centrally. By integrating the different project schedules, we now automatically generate weekly and multi-year schedules.

With the addition of functionalities such as vacation days and holidays, we have achieved an efficient and complete end result.

The Result

Pellis is now very satisfied with the automated schedules! It saves them considerable time and reduces the risk of errors. In addition, employees enjoy a huge time saving when sharing and updating the schedule. Our approach has provided Pellis with a streamlined planning system so they can focus entirely on delivering successful projects!

Curious to learn more about Pellis? Take a look at their website!

The Process

The process from A to Z!


Mapping Functionalities

We have identified the required functionalities of the application together with Pellis. By analyzing what did and did not work well in their previous solution, we arrived at the intended future application.


Develop Application

During the development of the application, we are in close contact with the customer. The application consists of multiple schedules, which we delivered and adjusted step by step based on the feedback.


Testing and Go-Live

The final tool was tested step by step, which resulted in a successful go-live.

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