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An Overview

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The Challenge

We wanted to enable customers of Hypotheekshop Etten-Leur to gain a better understanding of the implications of a mortgage through a comprehensive web application tool. With this tool, both prospective and current users can simulate the financial details of owning their dream home.

Our challenge was to develop an advanced tool with an extensive set of features.

Our role and objectives

We delved into the world of mortgages. This led to a tool that offers users various mortgage options, integrates dynamic interest rates, simulates the impact of additional costs, makes tax estimates and provides insight into the impact of multiple loans. Both users and administrators therefore have an extensive range of functions. For example, administrators have a special dashboard with important graphical insights and the ability to adjust calculations to customer wishes.

Administrators can get in touch with the users, while users can also initiate contact requests.

The Result

The result of our efforts is an agile and reliable tool that empowers people to make informed financial decisions. Users can now confidently estimate the costs of homeownership, project monthly payment scenarios, and Hypotheekshop Etten-Leur administrators can efficiently manage their customer base and gain invaluable insights into their financial calculations. Would you like to gain gain valuable insights into this as well? Then contact Hypotheekshop Etten-Leur.

Curious to learn more about Hypotheekshop? Take a look at their website!

The Process

The process from A-Z!


Mapping functionalities

In order to create a good application, we needed to understand what a user should be able to enter, calculate and see.


Implement mortgage calculation modules

Once we had collected the functions, we had to translate them into mortgage calculations and program them into an application.


Develop a user-friendly application

Ultimately, we designed the tool in such a way that the user is quickly and easily guided to an insightful answer.

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