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An Overview

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The Challenge

How can we create a structure that reduces the amount of time we spend on the administrative processes of onboarding our participants?

Our Role and Objectives

Together with the client, we first mapped out the current process. Where are the repetitive tasks and which tasks take the most time? To the surprise of the client, this resulted in few manual actions. Based on this lean process, we got to work. Here, we made as much use as possible of the client's existing applications and systems. This prevents unnecessary implementation costs and the need to learn new systems.

Based on the tests, we made some final adjustments. For example, for the first 3 weeks, we added reminders if participants had not completed the entire onboarding process. After the final HR check, participants were personally welcomed to the program.

The Result

A structured onboarding flow that saves HR multiple hours per week. The total savings of 4 hours per week has already paid for itself after 16 weeks.

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The Process

The process from A-Z!


Mapping the Process

Working with the client to look at the current process.


Automating the Process with Existing Applications

Looking at the IT landscape, we have tried to automate the process as much as possible without adding new applications.


Dotting the I's

Based on the first user feedback, we have further refined the automations to make it a perfectly efficient process.

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