Business Intelligence – Data visualization and dashboarding

Do you want to gain more insight into your business operations? Do you want more control over your KPIs? Which actions generate the most turnover? We make all this transparent for you! We link it to your existing systems and visualize the data using dashboards.


What is Business Intelligence

Your company uses a variety of systems. These systems contain a goldmine of data that is crucial to gain insight. This allows you to address the real challenges in your business, but also gain insight into your customers and your best practices. By making this data transparent, you can now steer your organization based on data and increase your success.

How can Business Intelligence help you?


Data-driven decisions

We often make decisions based on gut feeling. However, for your company you want to be sure that you are making the right choice. The beauty is: data doesn't lie! By gaining insight into the key indicators for success, you can make adjustments more easily.


Improve your processes

It is difficult to improve your processes if you don't know where the challenges lie. By gaining insight into your processes, you can remove the obstacles that are hindering your business growth.


Customer stories

These customers have already gone before you!


For KPN we developed a team tool that provides insight into some of the organization's important themes in a playful way. Through this tool, KPN has more control over the most important themes, and insight at team level, which helps them set the course.



Together with Quiosk, a supplier of vending solutions, we have mapped and visualized the factors for profit optimization. In addition, we make predictions about the expected sales and the factors that influence it.


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Frequently asked questions about Business Intelligence

We can visualize all data, as long as you collect it in an existing system. We can extract the data from the system and visualize it in a way that provides you with insight, overview and peace of mind.

We can extract data from many systems and we don't shy away from a challenge! We have already used the following systems: Carerix, Teamleader, Twinfield, Simplicate, WeFact, SuccessFactors

We prefer API connection, but in exceptional cases or for one-time data extraction we also use a custom scraper. API connection is preferred because it is a way of transferring data that is not error-prone.

A scraper is a piece of software that is used to extract large amounts of information from a page. This way we can guarantee to extract all data.

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