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An overview

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    Our IT people
    Daan, Kajol, Ranx, Andrzej
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The Challenge

Quiosk is a challenging and innovative vending concept. They have installed vending machines throughout the Netherlands. All their cabinets are linked to software, making a lot of data available.

With all that available data came the question: how can we use our data to maximize our profits?

Our role and objectives

Our role, as Quiosk's IT partner, is to think about the ideal future situation that takes future growth into account. That is why our goal is to design the entire landscape in such a way that it is scalable and in line with the growth ambitions. Secondly, our goal was to reduce costs with automation in the IT landscape. Third, our goal was to give Quiosk employees insight into the data and enable them to make better decisions. In addition, this data increased revenue.

The result

We have set up a data warehouse in which data from different systems come together every day via APIs.. Based on this data, we have built a dashboard in which data from different systems is integrated. An essential part of a logistics company like Quiosk is accurate planning, so that vending machines are never empty. Every day, our code generates a file that Quiosk employees receive by email. This contains a prediction per location. Our artificial intelligence predicts future sales based on historical data and can therefore accurately predict the right filling moment. In addition, code is frequently run for, for example, data quality checks, automated reports to Quiosk customers and integrations with logistics and financial systems.

Curious to learn more about Quiosk? Take a look at their website!

The process

The process from A-Z!


Extracting, transforming and loading data.

Every day, multiple codes run in the cloud that integrate data from different systems and bring them together in a data warehouse.



A model is trained based on historical data that predicts future sales per machine. Important factors such as the weather are included in the prediction.


Automating and sharing data

Based on the data in the data warehouse, code is executed daily. For example, Quiosk receives emails with data quality checks, vending machine malfunctions and a schedule. A dashboard with current data is always available.

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