Application development

When your software systems lack functionality or when you can't find the perfect software, it can be a real hindrance. Fortunately, we can solve this for you! We can link other apps to your existing systems (via APIs) to add functionality. This way you can keep working in your familiar environment. In addition, we can create a custom web app for your company, so that the application does exactly what you need. Are you curious about which option is the best fit for your company? We would love to hear from you.


What is a web application

A web application is online software that is specifically designed for your organization. The goal of this application is to simplify, accelerate or otherwise make your business processes more efficient. By analyzing your business processes and brainstorming the wishes of the end user, we develop a web application that seamlessly matches your needs. This leads to more efficiency and cost savings.

How can a web application help you?


Save time

By seamlessly integrating the web application with your business processes, the app will do exactly what you want and will therefore be efficient to use.


Increase your profit

By working more efficiently, your employees can focus on the actions that add the most value to your company. This way you increase your profit.


Customer stories

These customers have already gone before you!

Hypotheekshop Etten-Leur

For Hypotheekshop Etten-Leur we developed a web application that helps customers to gain insight into their mortgage and its implications. Read more here about what this brings to customers and Hypotheekshop Etten-Leur.


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Frequently asked questions about Application Development

By creating a link with your existing system, you don't have to purchase a whole new app. What we build can build on your existing systems. This keeps costs down and allows you to keep working in your trusted system.

Yes! All data is stored in Azure databases. In our production environment, where the data is stored, it is not possible to access this data by default, even for our developers. When this is necessary for maintenance or exceptions, we always use IP whitelisting, password vaults and two-factor authentication.

We develop our application from Azure (microsoft). In our opinion, this is the most future-proof and modern way to develop your application. In addition, we develop the code completely custom, which means that everything is customizable and you are completely flexible for your future needs.

That doesn't always have to be a problem! Besides APIs, there are also other ways to connect applications to each other, for example through RPA or 'scraping'.

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