EDIH Subsidy for digitizing your manufacturing business

Are you an SME entrepreneur in the manufacturing industry, active in sectors such as agri-food, semicon, automotive, process industry, medical systems, or machinery construction? Pay attention because there might be a unique opportunity for you to accelerate the digitization of your business with expert support and subsidy.


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We support SMEs in working more efficiently so that you can focus on the core activities of your business. We help you improve your IT infrastructure and optimize business processes so that your company can grow sustainably. Since every organization is unique, we provide tailor-made solutions that precisely meet your specific needs. Ready for a future full of efficiency?

Why the EDIH Subsidy?

EDIH South Netherlands (EDIH-SNL) provides specific support to SME enterprises within the manufacturing industry in Zeeland, North Brabant, and Limburg to accelerate their digitization. With the EDIH subsidy, you can get up to five days of advice and guidance from experts. These professionals are ready to support you with digitization advice, workshops, and more, aimed at strengthening your competitive position and increasing your resilience against digital threats like cyberattacks. Autogrowth is one of the providers where you can use your subsidy to realize these benefits.

What can you use the EDIH subsidy for as a manufacturing company?

Autogrowth offers tailor-made solutions for manufacturing companies that want to use the EDIH subsidy. The services of Autogrowth often fall within the following clusters:

Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction with custom-made applications. Use the Groeiversneller Subsidy to develop personalized IT solutions.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with a custom portal.
  • Develop modules that seamlessly integrate with existing systems.
  • Have an app created to support your business processes.

Increase productivity and reduce costs by automating processes. Invest in automation solutions with the Groeiversneller Subsidy.
  • Save time with automatic invoicing.
  • Improve onboarding with automated processes.
  • Increase efficiency with automatically generated documents.

Optimize your operations with data-driven insights. Use the Groeiversneller Subsidy for advanced BI tools.
  • Get real-time insights into KPIs with dashboards.
  • Analyze sales data by location for better decisions.

“Do I qualify for the EDIH subsidy?”

To qualify for the EDIH subsidy, your business must meet several important criteria. First, your business must meet the SME criteria: no more than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than €50 million. Additionally, your business must be active within the manufacturing industry or a related sector. It is also necessary to conduct a Digital Maturity Assessment, which you do after registration with a coach to determine the level of digitization within your business. Finally, a de minimis declaration is required, confirming that your business complies with European state aid rules.

How does the EDIH subsidy application work?

With the EDIH subsidy, you can qualify for a subsidy that covers a large part of the costs for our services. This is how you get started:


Support request

You do this together with a Klikopmorgen Coach, who guides you step by step. Of course, we as AutoGrowth can connect you to the right coach so that this process can proceed quickly and smoothly. In addition, we remain involved throughout the process.


Digital Maturity Assessment

Together with your coach, you fill in the Digital Maturity Assessment, which is actually a baseline measurement that shows exactly where your business currently stands.


Request a voucher

If you meet the conditions, you can request support which is usually entirely free of charge, with a possible small personal contribution.


Collaboration with Autogrowth for the EDIH subsidy

We help you set up your digitization plan. Whether it's application development, process automation, or business intelligence, we make sure your software works for you. Our expertise and tailor-made solutions help you achieve your business goals and maximize your growth potential.

Do you recognize yourself here?

  • You have growth ambitions and your company has 10 or more employees.
  • You spend too much time on administrative processes.
  • Your team complains about inefficient systems.
  • You want to make data-driven decisions but lack the right tools.

Then it's time to choose Autogrowth and deploy this subsidy. We offer tailor-made IT solutions that optimize your business processes, save time, and help you make better-informed decisions. Contact us and discover how we can help you grow.

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Are you ready to realize your growth plans and want to know how Autogrowth can help you with this? Contact us for a non-binding conversation. Together with the EDIH subsidy, we ensure that your business works more efficiently and is ready for the future.


Frequently asked questions about Subsidies

The EDIH subsidy is an initiative of Klikopmorgen to support SMEs in the manufacturing industry in their digital transformation. This is done through financial contributions and expert support for digitization.

You can apply for the EDIH subsidy through Klikopmorgen by submitting a support request together with a Klikopmorgen Coach. This coach helps you with every step, including filling out a Digital Maturity Assessment.

To qualify for the EDIH subsidy, your business must meet the SME criteria of no more than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than €50 million. Additionally, you must be active in the manufacturing industry or a related sector and sign a de minimis declaration.

Klikopmorgen offers access to expert advice and support in digitization through the EDIH subsidy. This can vary from developing digital solutions to organizing workshops and guiding financing applications.

The EDIH subsidy covers the costs of 1 to a maximum of 5 days of expert support. Most services are entirely free of charge, although in some cases a small personal contribution may be requested.

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