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Returns processing

Case for Automation

Returns processing is a complex and costly operation for any e-commerce
organization. Apart from impacting your client relations, it can affect your
entire supply chain as well as as your accounting. Returns processing requires
a number of manual tasks, which can result in lost productivity, errors in data
entry, and unanticipated expenses.

Bot Activities

  • Logs into ERP and ecommerce systems from relevant accounts
  • Extracts data on returns from e-commerce and ERP systems
  • Executes processing of partial returns for an order
  • Automates return approvals
  • Adds returns information in Excel in a structured format
  • Adds tags to returns based on product category or reason for return
  • Triggers tasks for each return case based on predefined criteria
  • Performs automated validation between systems
  • Creates monthly reports on return statistics
  • Emails stakeholders consolidated reports