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Website data parsing

Case for Automation

Data parsing is a significant operation in a wide range of businesses and
industries. Statistics, job listings, financial information, competitive pricing
and offerings, catalogs – these types of data may be useful in lots of functions
from finance to HR. Manual parsing of such data is an extremely timeconsuming task of a repetitive and copy-paste nature.

Bot Activities

  • Logs into the website with user credentials
  • Selects necessary data for parsing on web pages
  • Downloads structured data in XLSX, XLS, XML, and CSV
  • Schedules scraping and collects updated data every day automatically
  • Creates website parsing history reports
  • Transfers parsed data into relevant systems and folders
  • Extracts structured and unstructured data from multiple web pages
  • Notifies stakeholders of the completion of web parsing tasks; creates and
    sends reports