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Spam and promo email removal

Case for Automation

There is no foolproof way to stop fake email sign-ups, pseudo invites,
promotional links, and phishing emails from invading your mailbox. Although
email services usually have a filter that flags suspicious messages, some
emails are still able to trick the filter and land in your inbox. At the same time,
some legitimate business correspondence always ends up in the junk folder.
A bot can quickly delete true spam emails, as they use machine language to
recognize them. They can also highlight legitimate email that has landed in
the junk folder by mistake.

Bot Activities

  • Organizes related emails into different bundles, such as emails from social
    networks, and allows user to delete a bundle with a single click after
  • Unsubscribes from emails on the recipient’s behalf and blocks senders’
    email addresses
  • Archives old emails automatically
  • Creates daily summary