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Case for Automation

Testing is an integral part of any software development process. If executed
manually, it can not only exponentially increase a QA team’s workload; it can also
result in bugs going undiscovered. Automation can help avoid this outcome,
saving your team time and project costs.

Bot Activities

  • Automates tasks within unit, API, and regression testing
  • Automates testing hardware and software configurations
  • Executes repetitive tests for various builds
  • Automates tests that involve multiple data sets
  • Executes testing on frequently used functionality for high-risk and errorcondition generation
  • Detects bugs
  • Checks hundreds of code lines
  • Reports on test status, initiation, and completion
  • Reports on troubleshooting and issues solved within testing
  • Compares expected and actual results upon test completion
  • Sends custom notifications to stakeholders via email or messenger