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Legacy system automation

Case for Automation

Legacy systems are computer systems that organizations continue to use even
after they go out of date because they contain key business data. With time,
such systems are challenging to maintain due to unsupported components and
difficulty in enhancing and adding features. Therefore, they eventually become
low-performing in meeting employees and customers’ needs. However, even
legacy systems can integrate automation to reduce time-consuming manual
activities. RPA bots that work on the surface of applications can automate
legacy system tasks.

Bot Activities

  • Executes automations across common legacy environments (email system,
    CRM, finance system)
  • Transfers data from legacy systems to external and local sources (spreadsheets, cloud, or other systems)
  • Imports data from external sources into legacy systems
  • Updates data stored in legacy systems
  • Logs into legacy systems using user credentials
  • Creates reports based on tasks completed in legacy systems
  • Sends alerts on predefined activities executed in legacy systems