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Employee separation

Case for Automation

Just like employee onboarding, employee separation requires various tasks to
be executed by IT, accounting and security team staff members. Most of these
tasks are repetitive and standard so they can easily be handed over to bots.

Bot Activities

  • Creates notifications via email and messengers to responsible teams (IT,
    accounting, security) on the separation with a relevant team member
  • Notifies an employee on resignation tasks via email and corporate chats to
    provide software assets, IDs, keys, and any other corporate assets
  • Creates hand-over sessions from an offboarding to an onboarding employee
  • Verifies approval confirmations from all the related parties before employee
    official resignation
  • Revokes access to corporate applications and systems
  • Sends exit interview to an offboarding employee
  • Sends reminders on the to-do list tasks before work commencement
  • Stores employees details in relevant folders in corporate and HR systems