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Invoice reconciliation

Case for Automation

Invoice reconciliation is a vital task in various industries, especially in accounting
and finance. Yet depending on your accounting department or the size of the
business it may take up to 40+ hours weekly to reconcile a bunch of invoices. It
implies the extraction of all the transaction related documents, comparing the
fields and numbers manually and verifying that everything is correct. Such a
time-consuming process definitely needs automation which ElectroNeek would
love to bring in.

Bot Activities

  • Reconciles data in suppliers statements with the data stored in the internal
  • Reconciles data in bank statements with internat General Ledger system
  • Exports the matched items to corporate accounting systems
  • Creates notifications by email or in Slack upon reconciliation task is completed
  • Reconciles the accuracy of the data stored in Excel spreadsheets with the primary
    documents’ data
  • Creates reports on invoice data reconciliation