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Extracting Excel worksheets as new Excel files

Case for Automation

Excel has many built-in features for extracting and manipulating data, but
extracting Excel tabs from one file into multiple Excel documents can
become cumbersome and risk the introduction of human error. Bots can
simplify this process and eliminate the risk of error. Bots can be very helpful
in cases where separate Excel workbooks are required for different regions,
dates, products, and clients. Bots can efficiently split each tab into its own
Excel file and save it in a designated folder. They can also support various
Excel file formats.

Bot Activities

  • Detects the relevant file location
  • Analyzes file (input) and required output format (e.g., .xls, .xlsx)
  • Creates separate workbooks and names each one according to specified
  • Saves resulting files to a designated folder