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User forum administration

Case for Automation

Forums have been around for a long time, and although they have been eclipsed
by social media platforms to some extent, they still play a vital role in community
building in certain fields, particularly IT. Yet forum administration can become
quite onerous, as it requires the administrator to perform multiple manual tasks,
such as user and post moderation, tagging, and query management.

Bot Activities

  • Categorizes user queries using tags and other specifications
  • Provides users access to some forum sections according to predefined
  • Sends responses to standard queries addressed to admins
  • Moderates forum posts by removing irrelevant content or spam
  • Moderates user access to a forum
  • Sets statuses and categories for users based on their forum history
  • Sends emails or messenger notifications on technical issues with the forum
  • Creates reports on the most common or popular topics
  • Removes or bans user profiles if they do not adhere to forum guidelines