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Email address parsing

Case for Automation

Email address parsing is commonly performed by departments such as
marketing, sales, PR, and HR. Depending on the ultimate business objective—e.g.,
an analytical survey or a marketing campaign—teams may spend hours manually
collecting email addresses or other contact details from various web sources

Bot Activities

  • Navigates websites for relevant email addresses according to preset
    parameters and filters
  • Extracts contact details from Google Maps, websites, and forums
  • Extracts email addresses from social media platforms
  • Extracts email addresses containing certain keywords
  • Extracts email addresses by domain name
  • Clicks website links and extracts email addresses from destination sources
  • Consolidates collected email addresses into a single spreadsheet or file
  • Uploads extracted email addresses into relevant internal and external sources
    (CRM, ERP)
  • Sends extracted email addresses by email or messenger in CSV, XLS, or text